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The Jakubisiak & Pałtynowicz Legal Counsels’ Office was established in 1998. Since then, we have provided legal assistance to several hundred Clients and helped perform many successful transactions. It would not have been possible without trusted Clients on the one hand and our staff’s involvement and professional attitude on the other.

The Office’s legal practice concentrates on broadly understood commercial law. We cooperate on a regular basis with entrepreneurs but we also support natural persons in all cases not related to economic activity and business.

At present we are providing legal assistance to several dozen economic entities, most of which conduct their activity as commercial law companies.

We believe that fundamental understanding of our Clients’ needs, our expert legal advice, knowledge and experience help our Law Office reach further and make our Clients feel secure in any legal matter.

The motto of our activities remains invariably the same, expressed in the Latin legal maxim:

Non in legendo, sed in intelligendo leges constistunt.

The laws depend not on being read, but on being understood.

Legal Counsels’ Office Jakubisiak and Pałtynowicz - Office
Legal Counsels’ Office Jakubisiak and Pałtynowicz - Team

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